CombiWith Corporation

Company Profile

Company Name CombiWith Corporation
Representative Yuji Watanabe
President & CEO
Established May 1, 1982
Employees 343 (As of April 1 , 2019)
Head Office 2-6-7 Motoasakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 111-0041 Japan
Manufacturing Facilities, Branches and Subsidiaries Domestic: West Japan Sales Office, Fukuoka Regional Office
CapitalJPY 30 million


Outing Environment Supporting Business

CombiWith is continuously developing products that provide a safe outing environment for caregivers and children, such as diaper changing station, hot water dispenser for bottle feeding and chair for breastfeeding. 

Leveraging our track record and expertise, we provide commercial-use childcare products and services for creating comfortable childcare from a broader perspective.

Childcare Services

Based on our corporate philosophy of supporting parenting families to go outside, we provide childcare services for infants and young children according to the Child Welfare Law. We will broadly support parenting by enhancing a variety of systems that provide peace of mind and space for precious children.

Products and Services

Standard future for Shinkansen Series 700N M S and BK will be launched in October 2019

Combi Changing Station MS BS-W58(L)/(R)

  • Compact size, lightweight, suitable for small toilet booth 
  • MS can be installed to existing toilets with handrails and Baby Keep installed.
  • One-hand operation, Easy Belt 
  • Wall on 3 sides prevents child from sliding

Combi Baby Keep Slim BK-W65

  • Only 98mm depth when it is folded (280mm when it is opened) 
  • Original seat design makes it easier to set the child but difficult for the child to escape. 
  • Replaceable shock absorbing Pad 
  • Can be installed on both flat wall or corner (Corner bracket sold separately)


  • Open or close without touching floor 
  • Not to get soiled easily and easy to clean 
  • Soft-down mechanism for slow opening and closing 
  • Non-slip step design 
  • Can be installed in existing toilet booth 
  • Four languages (Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean)