Enhancing Japan's Export Base

In addition to the activities described above, JORSA also implements the following new programs to further promote Japanese railway systems overseas.

Overseas Consultant Invitation Program

JORSA promotes Japan's railway industry by creating opportunities for Japanese companies to receive orders for overseas railway projects. Overseas railway consultants who are influential in the formation of such projects are invited to Japan for a study tour of railways in Japan. During their tour, consultants may observe Japan's high-speed rail systems, various urban rail transit systems, and rolling stock maintenance systems, and may be given an opportunity to obtain a general knowledge of the various processes involved in the design and manufacture of rolling stock, or learn about development of the latest railway technologies.

Consultants already invited to Japan highly appreciate the program. One common reaction is: "I saw that Japan's extraordinarily advanced rail transport technologies are so advanced they lead the world; I learned a lot during the study tour. "

Study Tours Outside Japan

JORSA organizes overseas study tours to examine directions taken by the railway operations of corporations and other entities abroad, and to learn more about new trends in railway technology. Information gained this way is used by Japan's rail transport industry to promote its business overseas.

Overseas Seminars

Working in collaboration with government agencies and railway enterprises, JORSA organizes seminars in strategically important areas overseas. The seminars are an important part of our efforts to spread knowledge of Japan's railways.


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