Information Gathering and Research

JORSA gathers information and compiles materials on overseas railways, to be used by Japan's railway industry when promoting overseas projects. We also assemble and organize statistical information, and provide a wide range of valuable information to members and relevant organizations.

International Railway Market Handbooks

International Railway Market Handbooks

JORSA gathers the latest information on the world's railway markets and compiles it into breakdowns by country, publishing it to show railway profiles, railway operator organizational structure, business income and expenditure, transportation volume, route maps, rolling stock held, etc. JORSA has printed handbooks covering 26 countries.

Statistical Information

JORSA prepares statistical material covering Japan and other countries, in formats that are easy-to-use and designed for specific purposes. The statistics are published in Tetsudo System Yushutsu Kumiai-ho (JORSA Report). We currently publish four categories of statistical information: United Nations trade statistics, customs clearance statistics, signed export contract statistics, and production statistics.


The brouchre introduces Japanese railway system which epitomized Japan's "no-nonsense work ethic" and "attention to detail".

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Japanese Railway Information

A Technical information magazine that introducing the Japanese railway system, trains and equipment.

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Japanese Rail World Wide

Introducing the Japanese roling stocks and Japanese rail technologies working overseas.

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JORSA Railway Photo Gallery

A gallery of photos taken by JORSA members.
Each month, the JORSA Secretariat selects the best photograph and posts it here.

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