‘Class385’ – the suburban transport train for ScotRail, Scotland

Manufacturer Hitachi Rail
Built for ScotRail (Scotland, UK)
Route Between Edinburgh and Glasgow, as well as electrified routes in Scotland
Product type AT-200
Year ordered, delivered or shipped Received order in 2015
Launch of commercial operations Started commercial operations in 2018

In March 2015, Hitachi received a package order from Abellio (now called Transport UK after the MBO deal was completed), a railway operating company, for the delivery of 234 Class385 cars and the maintenance for 10 years. Abellio began commercial operations in 2018 on routes in Scotland.
The Class385 is based on the AT-200, which has been developed for the global market, and was developed with the aim of achieving maximum flexibility and standardisation in vehicle composition. At the 4 year anniversary of commercial operation in 2022, the train has remained in the top three for UK train availability ever since. Over the past year, the fleet has an average of 52,212 MTIN (meaning Miles per Technical Incident), which is over three times higher than the industry average. Being 100% electric, the Class385 is already playing a major role in decarbonising, it has reduced CO2 emissions from over 14,600 return flights between London and Tokyo in 4 years.


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