‘EMU3000’ – the new intercity limited express vehicle for Taiwan Railway Corporation, Ltd.

Manufacturer Hitachi Rail
Built for Taiwan Railway Corporation, Ltd. (Former Taiwan Railways Administration, MOTC/TRA)
Route Zongguan line, Yilan line, Beihui line, Taidong line, Nanhui line, Pingdong line
Product type EMU3000
Year ordered, delivered or shipped Received order in 2019, Started delivery in 2021
Launch of commercial operations Started commercial operations in 2021

This project is the largest-scale procurement project in the history of Taiwan railways as a package of 600 cars for intercity limited express train (12 cars per train, 50 trains in total). Full 3D design using digital technology was introduced in the design to create seamless coordination between the design process and the manufacturing process. In the design development, 3D models and virtual reality (VR) were also utilized to promote consensus building with customers. Compared to the conventional 8-car intercity limited express train, this train has been extended to 12 cars to enhance transport capacity, and a new concept has been adopted, such as the installation of 1 business class car, the first in TRA history. The vehicle has won a number of prestigious design awards, including 2021 GOOD DESIGN BEST 100 at GOOD DESIGN AWARD and iF DESIGN AWARD 2022 from Germany.
After the first train set was delivered to Taiwan in July 2021, the train set was put into commercial operation in December 2021 after a trial run period, and it is operated daily as an intercity limited express train running throughout Taiwan.


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