8500 series EMU fleets for Irish Rail

Manufacturer Japan Transport Engineering Company (Former Tokyu Car Corporation)
Built for Iarnród Éireann / Irish Rail
Route DART / Dublin Area Rapid Transit
Product type 8520EMU
Year ordered, delivered or shipped Ordered in 2002
Launch of commercial operations 2004

Irish Rail provides DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) service in Dublin suburban area at the only electrified line on their service network.
Japan Transport Engineering Company (J-TREC) manufactured and delivered 8500 series EMU fleets for 8500EMU, 8510EMU and 8520EMU to Irish Rail.
We delivered 16 cars (4 cars x 4 trainsets) of 8500EMU which comply with European standards - EN, UIC, BS etc, and 12 cars (4 cars x 3 trainsets) of 8510EMU from 2000 to 2001. 8500EMU was the first Japanese built EMU exported to European country.
The EMU in the photo is 8520EMU, which is equipped with HVAC units to improve services for passengers. We delivered 40 cars (4 cars x 10 trainsets) from 2004 to 2005.
8500 series EMU fleets are popular among passengers for high reliability and contributing to high punctuality of DART services. Our products have been close to the hearts of Dubliners as the means of transport.


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