Public Relations Activities

Publications for Overseas Readers

JORSA publishes materials in a variety of formats, presenting overseas readers information that demonstrates the high standing of Japan's rail transport technologies. We provide these materials to JORSA members for them to use when developing new markets and promoting their business overseas.

Japanese Railway Information

Japanese Railway Information

This English-language magazine (8 to 12 pages) provides technical information on Japan's railway systems, rolling stock, railcar equipment and more.

Topics focus on currently pertinent matters. The magazine is published three of four times a year, and generally distributed through JORSA members to users and transportation policy makers overseas. Overviews include railway systems, the advantages of installing such systems, rail routes and facilities, rolling stock, and train control systems. The articles are easy to understand and often include photos and explanatory figures and tables.

Issued 3 times a year (published at irregular intervals)

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The Shinkansen

This 72-page English-language booklet introduces many facets of Japan's Shinkansen system. It was written for individuals involved in the planning and construction of high-speed railway systems, and explains the Shinkansen's special features and outstanding qualities.

The Shinkansen carries passengers safely, dependably, efficiently and in large numbers. It is the world's first high-speed train. Five of the companies in the Japan Railways Group presently operate their own Shinkansen trains, and this is a catalogue-type publication giving a comprehensive overview of all of Japan's Shinkansen systems.

This SHINKANSEN is distributed to JORSA members for them to use when promoting Japan's Shinkansen system overseas. They find it an effective instrument in introducing Japan's high-speed railway systems and explaining technical aspects.

Published 2016

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The Best of Urban Transportation

The Best of Urban Transportation

This 45-page English-language booklet presents an excellent overview of urban transit systems in Japan.

Simple yet innovative in format and design, it makes good use of carefully chosen photographs, and is edited to help the reader grasp the distinguishing features of each system. Its catalogue format, ideal for those involved in the decision-making process, highlights the advantages of Japan’s urban transportation systems.

When used together with Urban Transportation Systems in Japan (published 2007), the reader will gain even greater insight into the subject.

Published 2013

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Urban Transportation Systems in Japan

Urban Transportation Systems in Japan

This 59-page English-language booklet gives an overview of Japan's urban transit systems.

The booklet focuses on various types of track transit systems in Japan's urban and suburban areas. It introduces their distinguishing characteristics, the criteria applied when selecting one type over another, technical characteristics, and transport features. Examples of such systems in operation are also introduced. The booklet also explains matters to be considered when deciding upon and constructing an urban track transit system, and examines the know-how required to operate it well into the future.

Published 2012

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Japan's Urban Railway Systems

Japan's Urban Railway Systems

This 16-page English-language leaflet offers a brief introduction to all of Japan’s urban railway systems. Rich in visual content, the leaflet gives us the advantageous overview of Japan’s urban railway systems as well as some railway systems domestic and overseas that have special features, including rolling stock equipment, passenger service, and operation & maintenance technologies.

Published 2017

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The brouchre introduces Japanese railway system which epitomized Japan’s “no-nonsense work ethic”and “attention to detail”.

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Japanese Railway Information

A Technical information magazine that introducing the Japanese railway system, trains and equipment.

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Japanese Rail World Wide

Introducing the Japanese roling stocks and Japanese rail technologies working overseas.

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JORSA Railway Photo Gallery

A gallery of photos taken by JORSA members.
Each month, the JORSA Secretariat selects the best photograph and posts it here.

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Rail Update Japan

Rail Update Japan selects information from various media sources to introduce aspects of Japan's railways to overseas readers.

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