Taisei Techno Co., Ltd.

Taisei Techno Co., Ltd.


Muneyoshi Shibagaki
Representative Director

Since adoption of the Kyoto Protocol amid concerns over global warming, railways are taking on an increasingly important role.

Taisei Techno has developed wind-powered electrical generators that can help railways reduce their consumption of fossil fuel, while promoting the use of renewable energy. We are an eco-friendly company targeting the achievement of both railway energy conservation and passenger comfort.

Company Profile

Since its establishment about half a century ago, Taisei Techno Co., Ltd. has continued to use its technologies and expertise to meet challenges in new business sectors. Every year, we apply cutting-edge technologies to develop new products for members of the JR group of companies, and for public and private rail transit systems. We are a development-oriented company proposing products capable of improving everyday conditions through improvements in rail transportation.

Many of our products are electrical equipment that involves air in some way. They include air cleaners, roll filter units, fan forced heaters and panel heaters. We have also succeeded in developing an effective comfort sensor that detects carbon dioxide levels and odors then provides ventilation to increase comfort inside train carriages.


Air cleaner

Roll filter unit

Comfort sensor

Fan forced heater

Wind-powered electrical generators

By combining the potential of its wind turbines with the electrical energy storage technology it has developed over the years, plus solar power batteries, Taisei Techno now has technology that can supply renewable energy—all the energy needed to power station facilities and operate a train.

Wind-powered electrical generators


Taisei Techno Co., Ltd.

4-4-6 Oi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo140-0014, Japan
Tel: 03-5743-3611 (When dialing from outside Japan: +81-3-5743-3611)
Fax: 03-5743-3612 (When dialing from outside Japan: +81-3-5743-3612)
Muneyoshi Shibagaki, Representative Director
E-mail: info@taiseix.net


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