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We are moving forward with our business in line with our corporate philosophy, "Contribute to society through advanced technologies for 'Safety and Reliability,' with the aim of realizing a more livable society."

To date, we have exported products to more than 20 countries, and we will continue to use our advanced technologies to contribute to the growth of railways, which are seen as a better transportation mode now that environmental concerns are being raised worldwide.

Hideo Oshima,
Executive Officer, Chief General Manager, Overseas Division,
Nippon Signal Co.,Ltd.

Company Profile

Since its establishment in 1928, Nippon Signal's aim was to give Japan the ability to use its own railway signaling technology and develop it further. Since then, we have supported Japan's railways with technology for safe and reliable operations, and in this way we contribute to the betterment of socio-economic conditions. We supply a wide variety of railway items, including: various railway signaling and safety systems (operational control systems, automatic train control[ATC]systems, automatic train stop[ATS]systems, etc.); ground-based equipment (interlocking systems that control railway switches and signal lights, track circuits, level crossing system, etc.); information display systems for railway stations; and devices for station operations (automatic ticket gates, automatic ticket vending machines, etc.). Over the years, we have progressed from older methods like semaphore signals to the advanced equipment of today, always basing our manufacturing on fail-safe principles, always working for rail transport safety. That is Nippon Signal.

Performance timeline (last 20 years)

1993 Delivered centralized traffic control system (CTC), all relay interlocking devices, and ATC devices to the Mobarakeh Steel Plant in Iran
1994 Upgraded ATC system for Tokaido Shinkansen
1995 Delivered automatic train operation system (ATO), information display panels, etc. for new transit Yurikamome system, in preparation for its opening
1995 Delivered railway signaling system for Turkish State Railways' line from Ankara via Istanbul to Bulgarian border
1998 Received order from Taiwan Railways Administration for planned CTC, solid state interlocking system, and power regulation system
2002 Received order for signaling equipment for next-generation light rail transit system (LRT) in Mashhad, Iran (delivery and installation began in 2004)
2003 Delivered AFC system for Beijing Subway Line 13
2004 Delivered ground-based ATC/TD and on-board equipment for Chongqing Monorail
2004 Delivered ATC, CTC and solid state interlocking systems for Kyushu Shinkansen, in preparation for its opening
2004 Delivered signaling system for Turkish State Railways' line in Izmir and suburbs
2005 Delivered ATC, ATO and solid state interlocking systems for Tsukuba Express trains, in preparation for its opening
2006 Delivered various signaling systems for Toyama Light Rail system, in preparation for its opening
2007 Delivered signaling system and CTC equipment to Taiwan High Speed Rail
2008 Delivered various signaling systems for Nippori-Toneri Liner, in preparation for its opening
2008 Delivered ground-based ATC/TD signaling systems and on-board ATO devices for Dubai Monorail
2008 Received order for planned signaling system (SPARCS) for 月尾銀河(Incheon Wolmido Eunha Reil) in South Korea
2009 Received order for planned signaling system (SPARCS) for Beijing Subway Line 15
2010 Received order for planned upgrade and rehabilitation of signaling system for Turkish State Railways' line in Izmir and suburbs
2011 Received order for planned AFC system for Chennai Metro in India

We have delivered train operation control systems, etc. to other railway operators in Japan and abroad as well.

Sample Products

Integrated on-board equipment unit

  • Integrated unit has transceiver with on-board ATC, ATO and ATS devices, plus controller
  • Integration results in space saving and lower energy consumption.
  • Unit permits through services on lines of different companies.

Color LED signal light

  • Signal light for railway operations
  • LED illumination for longer life and energy savings
  • Aluminum die-cast framework for lighter weight

Automatic ticket gate GX-7

  • Easy-to-read pass-through instruction display
  • Can handle several tickets at the same time
  • Easy to use for left-handed people as well
  • Easy system upgrades


  • Wireless train control system
  • Simple configuration makes new installations and upgrades easy
  • Detection possible, irrespective of train location
  • Wireless feature saves resources


Nippon Signal Co.,Ltd.

Overseas Division
1-5-1, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-6513, Japan
Tel:03-3217-7270 (when dialing from outside Japan +81-3-3217-7200)
Fax:03-3217-7239 (when dialing from outside Japan +81-3-3217-7300)
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