Nippon Sharyo, Ltd. was established in 1896 through the public-spirited efforts of financiers in the Nagoya region, for the purpose of manufacturing railway rolling stock. Since then, for more than a century Nippon Sharyo has followed the path of Japan’s economic growth as Japan’s top manufacturer of rolling stock. Over those years, it has expanded into business sectors that include transportation equipment, steel structural components, construction equipment, agricultural implement manufacturing and railcar inspection devices.

Our company will continue to supply rolling stock and other products and services that improve infrastructure and promote convenience, comfort and environmental conservation. We will do our best to maintain the trust of our customers and the public at large, and hope we can continue to count on your support.

Company Profile

Nippon Sharyo manufactures railway rolling stock, the primary focus of our company, at our Toyokawa Plant in the city of Toyokawa. Our products include the world famous Shinkansen cars, electric trains operated by private railways in many parts of Japan, and railcars for export.

We are aware that we must achieve further increases in our ratio of railcars for export markets. Our record supplying overseas projects demonstrates, in every case, that we have always succeeded in our key mission to deliver optimum quality products at a reasonable price, on time. In an industry where it is common among manufacturers in other countries to extend delivery deadlines two or three years, we can affirm that our company has never been late due to our own responsibility.

While promoting our business overseas, we will demonstrate with full confidence the true meaning of the term, “Best Value for Customers,” in terms of price, delivery time and of course quality.




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