Shuichi Narita
President Narita Manufacturing, Ltd.

Boasting a 70-year history since its establishment, Narita Manufacturing emphasizes ties that connect humans with technology, and has always moved forward with an eye on the future. We began as a manufacturer of railway rolling stock, and since then we have taken part in a number of national projects that have contributed tremendously to Japan's industry, economy and society. As one example, we have made a number of innovative products using various patented technologies for our development and manufacture of inter-railcar gangways.

Our successes have given us a growing stature in the industry, a reputation for excellence that has expanded beyond Japan to grow overseas.

Thanks to the wealth of technology and expertise we have built up over many years, we have gained the full trust of our customers in the motorization sector. We are also keeping an eye on the future, proactively promoting our graphics-based businesses and a variety of other business projects. We take full advantage of our technological strengths and flexibility, providing customers with the highest level of satisfaction. We look forward to meeting your expectations in the future.

Company Profile

"Flexibility embodies strength."

The spirit driving us forward

While staying abreast of the currents that define our times, Narita Manufacturing focuses intently on values — values that shift with time, and values that remain unchanged. Nimbly adapting to trends in this era of constant change, we maintain our innovative conceptual strengths and creative abilities to ensure that one success leads to another.

Another constant is our thirst to improve, while maintaining the spirit of craftsmanship inherited from our pioneering forebears. We devote our full energies to tackling and solving difficult problems. We also harness the power of our personnel to drive the present forward and discover technologies that excite hearts and minds. This is the ideal attitude that we at Narita Manufacturing intend to maintain.

Distinguishing Characteristics of Our Company

Research & Development

Narita Manufacturing explores new creative avenues with flexibility and foresight. We are a leader in the development of inter-railcar gangway fixtures.

We continually respond to increased train running speeds by focusing our efforts and resources on research and development of materials and configurations that will reduce noise and weight.

To conform to stringent standards abroad, we do what is needed to improve fire resistance and durability, both of which are directly linked to passenger safety.

Manufacturing Expertise

Craftsmanship in manufacturing, fusing expert skills and advanced systems

Our production technologies provide an optimal balance between tasks performed by hand and operations requiring machinery and other equipment. In this way, we consistently offer the most favorable conditions for cost, speed and quality. Production stages that cannot be mechanized receive the full benefit of our technicians' experience and know-how, ensuring craftsmanship backed by master skills.

Quality Control

Clearing the bar and gaining the trust that only world-class quality can earn

Underpinned by our ironclad principle of built-in quality, we do what is necessary to prevent defects before they occur. All our technicians continually hone their artisan senses, practicing craftsmanship so precise that it cannot be captured in a manual or measured with numbers. This is how we ensure quality high enough to meet, even exceed, global standards.



Products (PDF: 4.5MB)

Spurred on by the honor of being the front-runner, we will continue pursuing rolling stock development.
We process an extensive range of rolling stock components, utilizing all of our technologies, facilities and equipment. Taking advantage of the many technological innovations achieved under the Narita Manufacturing name, our capabilities cover the production of gangways and components used in connectors between railcars (all earning us an envious reputation in Japan and abroad), and the processing of doors, window panels, tanks and a wide range of other components.

Fully exhibiting our processing technologies for rolling stock design, in materials ranging from stainless steel to aluminum, our flexible technical strengths let us handle a wide variety of customer orders.

Project Achievements

Components delivered by Narita Manufacturing for N700 Series Shinkansen EMUs


Global Perspective

Today Japan, tomorrow the world
Fulfilling our mission to become our customers' company of choice

Narita Manufacturing's business development in rolling stock — a field where we are proud to have had numerous successes — is now taking the company beyond Japan onto the global stage. We are proactively making inroads in Europe, the U.S., Canada and a number of Asian countries. We have established a joint venture in China, where we are contributing to the establishment of railway networks that have become indispensable to that country's economic development. Spurred on by the trust and confidence we have gained in Japan, we are now exhibiting steady growth as a global company recognized the world over.



20-12, Hanaomote-cho, Atsuta-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 456-0033, Japan
Tel: 052-881-6191
Fax: 052-881-6748
E-mail: Info@NARITA.CO.JP

Sales Division
Seiji Yoshida (
Yasunori Sugiura (


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