Nakamura Jico CO., LTD.

Nakamura Jico CO., LTD.


Hiroki Nakamura,
President and Representative Director

In recent years, companies have been increasingly required to offer unconventional value due to changes in the social environment and the rapid development of IT. In this environment, we remain committed to expanding the lineup of manufactured products and service that give confidence and satisfaction to costumers, based on the Najico Group’s action guidelines (“Make steadfast efforts, and commit yourself to work”). Above all, we continuously work to build new partnerships with customers to deal with the expanding markets outside Japan in various areas (e.g., railways and steel) due to globalization.

Company Profile

Our company Nakamura Jico was founded in 1929. Since Nakamura Jico was assigned as a distributer for the Ministry of Railway Japan in 1932, we have been supplying various rolling stock parts including bogie, passenger cabin, body and machinery parts for Japan Railways group, private railway companies throughout Japan, third sector companies and locomotives for Iron works. Additionally, as a manufacturing company, we design, manufacture, sell and repair the Universal joints and Heat exchangers for the railway vehicles and industrial machines. Under our management vision, "To become strong corporate group committed to building trusted quality, growing with customers and offering new values to the society", we have been committed to grow steadily by providing better service to customers through our sale branches. At present, we have oversea sales branches and making progress to expand our business in abroad.


Universal joint

Universal joints are used in wide range of fields including diesel rail cars and diesel locomotives which have the function of transmitting driving torque from hydraulic transmission to bogie.
We have been manufacturing Universal joints not only domestic but also overseas since 1950. In 2008, we received a “JSME Excellent Product Award” from The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Heat exchanger

Heat exchangers are used to cool down the water and oil of diesel engine for the rail use as well as torque converter oil, in order to maintain appropriate temperature of cooling water and lubricate as well as equipment performance.

Diesel Power Unit(DPU)

In the recent years, while the system of diesel train is transitioning from hydraulic to electric type, we Nakamura Jico challenged to provide new value to the market by using our experience on diesel train obtained in many years. We combined every underfloor equipment in one unit as powerpac. We try to achieve the development and productization of Diesel Power Unit (DPU).

Development concept

  • All in one
  • More compact
  • More space
  • Easy maintenance

Sales result

Countries Products
Malayan Railways Limited Universal joints / Heat exchangers
Taiwan Railway Administration Universal joints
Sri Lanka Railways Heat exchangers
Myanmar Railways Heat exchangers


Nakamura Jico CO., LTD.

Sales & Planning Dept., Rolling Stock Parts Div.
3-10-10, Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo,104-8431, Japan
Tel: +81-3-3543-9733
Fax: +81-3-3543-9729
Eiichi Morita, Manager


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