Nabtesco Corporation

Nabtesco Corporation


Shigeru Naoki
Managing Executive Officer, President,
Railroad Products Company

Nabtesco has been conducting business across a number of sectors, capitalizing on its unique motion control technology to make significant advances within the areas of transportation (railroad vehicles, aircraft, automobiles, etc.), industry, livelihood-related fields and the environment (robots, construction machinery, automatic doors, etc.). We contribute to the creation of a safe and comfortable society through the provision of highly reliable products, many of which enjoy large market shares.

Under the long-term vision of being a "global partner with best solutions", based on the technology and products we have developed and accumulated for over more than 90 years, our Railroad Products Company will continue to develop products featuring an even greater degree of added value and create new values for railroad trasport domestically and overseas, thereby achieving ever higher levels of contribution to railroad around the world.

Company Profile

Products made by the Railroad Products Company of Nabtesco Corporation are in wide use both domestically and overseas. These products include railroad vehicle brake systems and door operators, which comprise the Company's main products, and peripheral products such as various types of test racks, brake shoes, seat turning equipments and snow removal devices.

Brake system products hold a share of approximately 50% of the domestic market while door operators boast a market share of approximately 70%. In particular, the latter holds an overwhelming market share for Shinkansen door operating systems of almost 100%. Additionally, sales promotions activities for brake systems and door operatiors are showing vigorous expansion in foreign markets where railroad transports are highly demanded such as in China and Taiwan, etc.

Initiatives and Strategies

We will leverage our three production bases in Japan, China, and Europe (Italy) to grow global business. In Japan, we are also seeking to launch new products to expand the maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) business.


Supply Record


Nabtesco Corporation

JA Kyosai Bldg., 7-9, Hirakawacho 2-chome, Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo 102-0093, Japan


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