Kintetsu Railcar Engineering Co., Ltd.



Railways connect towns and cities, while connecting individual people as well. KRE supports safe and comfortable social environments through the renewal and maintenance of railcars, which are all part of the "railway environment." While expanding our range of operations through the unfailing technology we have cultivated in the rail sector, we are also aiming to raise our profile as a company working proactively to protect the natural environment and contribute to industry, society and daily life.

Company overview

Company Name Kintetsu Railcar Engineering Co., Ltd.
Founded June 10, 1957
Head Office Uehonmachi YUFURA 7F, 6-5-13, Uehonmachi, Tennoji-ku, Osaka 543-0001 Japan
Capital Funds 90,000,000 yen
President Takeshi Hirase
Employees 338
Fiscal Year January 1 to December 31
  • Renewal and maintenance of railway cars
  • Overhaul of air-conditioners and electrical motors for railway cars
  • Inspection of railway cars; sale of measuring equipment for railway cars and Train Traffic Support Systems
  • Manufacture and sale of railway vehicle parts
  • Tests and studies of railway cars; technological support for railway cars

Product introduction

Driver Support System

This system specifies a train's location using GPS technology, and provides driver support (attention call) to a driver through the use of screens, voice and luminescence, based on the location information specified.

The driver carries an on-vehicle terminal and attaches it to the driver's stand in the train she/he takes charge of. The on-vehicle terminal can work independently. This innovative system can be used regardless of car type and operating facilities, and does not require any car modifications.

Wheel Flat Detector

Early detection of wheel flats on wheel treads, and rapid response, are important to ensure proper rolling stock maintenance.
This equipment automatically detects flats and peels on each wheel, by sensing rail vibrations made by the train as it passes. Measurement data is transmitted to the remote office in real time.
In addition, the device can play back sounds when the train passes, and display rail vibration waveforms. The user can therefore compile a wheel grind plan at the office without inspecting the actual car.

Compact Rail Grinding Equipment

Grinding to smooth steps at insulated joints and other rail joints minimizes train vibration and noise, and lengthens the time before rail replacement is required.

For grinding localized rail sections such as rail joints, a portable, compact rail grinding device is more maneuverable and economical than a conventional rail grinding machine. We therefore developed a grindstone that fits a rail, then developed a compact rail grinding device equipped with this grindstone.

Rail Profile Measuring Equipment

Accurate rail profile measurement is essential for maintaining appropriate rail/wheel contact.
Since this device measures rail profiles with reference to their upper fillets, all measurement data is represented on the same coordinate system.
Rail profile changes can be judged accurately by simply superposing the measured rail profile on a reference profile.
Inputting the measured profile data into the rail grinding support system makes it possible to establish an efficient rail grinding program.

Rail Grinding Support System

Computer simulation of rail grinding machine operations determines the optimum grinding pattern.

This system simulates the most effective and economical rail grinding pattern (grinding wheel tilt angle and pressure for each pass), based on the data obtained by the rail profile measuring device.

Additional development of inspection equipment, measurement systems and various devices

Sales results (as of December 1, 2011)

Driver Support System

  • Kintetsu Corporation: 734 sets
  • West Japan Railway Company (terminals with two-way communication function): 564 sets

Wheel Flat Detector

  • East Japan Railway Company (including Tohoku Shinkansen): 22 sets
  • Central Japan Railway Company (including Tokaido Shinkansen): 2 sets
  • Kyushu Railway Company (including Kyushu Shinkansen): 2 sets
  • Private railway (excluding Kintetsu Corporation): 11 sets
  • Kintetsu Corporation: 13 sets
  • South Korea (including KORAIL): 3 sets

Compact Rail Grinding Equipment

  • West Japan Railway Company: 2 sets
  • Private railway (other than Kintetsu Corporation): 3 sets
  • Kintetsu Corporation: 2 sets

Rail Profile Measuring Equipment

  • West Japan Railway Company: 2 sets
  • City of Nagoya Transportation Bureau: 2 sets
  • Private railway: 4 sets
  • Kintetsu Corporation: 1 sets



Head office & Renewal and Maintenance of railway cars Division
Uehommachi YUFURA 7F,6-5-13, Uehommachi,Tennoji-ku, Osaka 543-0001, JAPAN
Tel:06-6711-0551 (when dialing from outside Japan: +81-6-6711-0551)
Fax:06-6711-0554(when dialing from outside Japan: +81-6-6711-0554)
Planning & Development Division
10-1, Amagatsuji-Kitamachi, Nara, Nara Prefecture 630-8025, JAPAN
Tel:0742-33-5563(when dialing from outside Japan: +81-742-33-5563)
Fax:050-5005-1760(when dialing from outside Japan: +81-50-5005-1760)


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