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"Dreams & Excitement"

ITOCHU is dedicated to providing all of its clients and partners with "dreams and excitement" for projects and business, based on the spirit of sampo yoshi (being good for the seller, the buyer, and society).
Rail transit systems have recently become more important than ever before as the most suitable and effective form of transportation, especially because of environmental considerations. They will continue to evolve in ways that are even more acceptable to all generations, including senior citizens and people who are physically or mentally challenged.

ITOCHU continues in its aim to contribute to the 21st century with its dreams and excitement, offering environmentally friendly and people friendly transit systems in collaboration with our key partners, who include rolling stock manufacturers, electrical system manufacturers and systems integrators.

Deputy Chief Operating Officer,
Plant Project & Marine Division

Company Profile (Introduction: ITOCHU Corporation and Railways Projects)

The ICT & Machinery Company of ITOCHU Corporation is comprised of four divisions, and is developing its business in a broad array of areas, from large-scale power/chemical plants, bridges, railways, water and other social infrastructure, aircraft, ships, automobiles, industrial machinery and construction machinery to IT services, internet businesses, media, mobile devices, and life and healthcare businesses.

The Plant Project & Marine Division, one of four divisions in the ICT & Machinery Company, implements transportation and infrastructure projects (including railways projects), as well as other plant projects in the world.

We bring to each project the collective strengths of a trading company, including information gathering and development capabilities for international projects that we developed over many years in our plant business, finance structuring, and coordination of functions among stakeholders.

We collaborate with manufacturers and construction companies in Japan and overseas while promoting Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) for railways project, and are expanding our sphere of operations to include project financing, business investment and M&As, encompassing facilities and equipment maintenance, operational maintenance, and after-sales service subsequent to project construction.

Emerging market demand for social infrastructure, including railways, is brisk. We are promoting several projects in the field, including Offical Development Assistance projects, through alliances with Japanese and international manufacturers.

Project Achievements

Manila LRT Line 1: Capacity Expansion 2

ITOCHU undertook a full turnkey JV contract for this project. Project scope included all EPC for the rolling stock, signaling, telecommunications and fare collection systems, and all track work, power supply and associated electrical work.

New Hong Kong Passenger Train serving KCRC (currently known as MTR)

IKK consortium, of which ITOCHU was the lead sponsor along with Kinki Sharyo and Kawasaki Heavy Industries, signed a series of contracts to supply a new type of passenger commuter train for KCRC (now called MTR). Total project value exceeded US$ 600mil, with around 400 cars supplied from 1999 to 2006.

China Semi-High Speed Train

ITOCHU, as a core member of Japan Union (with Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Hitachi, Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsubishi Corporation and Marubeni), was responsible for the development, negotiation, realization and execution of the project, including the delivery of EMU trains with a capacity for speeds up to 200km/h, and technical transfers from JR East.

Guangzhou LIM Metro Lines 4, 5 and 6

Subsequent to work on Guangzhou LIM Metro Lines 4 and 5, a consortium composed of ITOCHU and CSR Sifang Locomotive was awarded a contract for LIM Metro Line 6 in April 2010, with additional work on Line 5 in December 2010. Line 5's additional services will start commercial runs in July 2011, while Line 6 will start in December 2012. The total number of cars operating on Lines 4, 5 and 6 will be more than 700.


ITOCHU Corporation

Plant Project Department
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TEL: (03) 3497-2514 (when dialing from outside Japan: +81-3-3497-2514)
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