Furukawa Electric Industrial Cable Co., Ltd.

Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.


Aiming to become the world's top manufacturer of railcar electric cables

Furukawa Electric Industrial Cable Co., Ltd. develops and manufactures electric cables for rolling stock, always guided by the principles, "safe and light-weight." Rolling stock and their equipment are becoming ever more advanced, and to respond accurately to their requirements we are ready to bring out new railcar electric cable products that support demand for greater reliability, lighter weight, high flame retardance, and environmental features.

Company Profile

Manufacturer of some of the world's top, one-of-a-kind products

Furukawa Electric Industrial Cable was born in 2005 from a merger of the industrial cable department of Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. with Furukawa Industrial Cable Co., Ltd. The merger transformed us into a comprehensive manufacturer of electric industrial cables. Our production bases are centered on five factories in Japan and two overseas. We supply electric cables and cable assemblies for many industrial uses, including construction, electric machinery, data processing, shipping, rolling stock and industrial machinery.

We have the world's most advanced research and development potential in the field, and apply it to develop new products and boost quality. We have configured quality assurance systems that conform to ISO9001 standards, we use the latest equipment and control technologies to ensure the highest levels of quality control, and we keep improving the reliability of our products.

We will continue supplying some of the world's top, one-of-a-kind products, keeping abreast of ongoing technological advances in the rolling stock market.


Products attractive for their safety and lightweight characteristics, and meeting overseas standards as well

In addition to our WL, HF-WL, WV, WHF main product lines used primarily for rolling stock in Japan, we also offer lineups of lightweight electric cables, and flame resistant non-halogen cables that meet overseas standards.

Our research over the last few years helped us develop a high-strength, thin non-halogen wire, the WJF1. It satisfies requirements when many wires must be safely located in places where space is restricted due to the installation of additional devices.

We also offer a lineup of many types of inter-car jumper cables.

Project Achievements

Over the years we have demonstrated our expertise in many projects for major Japanese manufacturers of rolling stock, both for the high-speed Shinkansen and for conventional trains.

In the overseas market, our electric cables for rolling stock were chosen for high-speed trains in China.

We have mounted exhibits at two recent InnoTrans international trade fairs, demonstrating our products to many people.


Furukawa Electric Industrial Cable Co., Ltd.

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