Takashi Karasawa
General Manager,
Transportation Power Electronics Division
Power Electronics Business Group

Fuji Electric is dedicated to the power electronics business to supply power system applications for energy efficiency and stable operations.
Our products for rail transport are designed to generate an eco-friendly form of transportation and even contributes to stronger growth in the future.
The major railway applications includes main traction systems for high-speed rail, auxiliary power systems, and door operation systems to meet our customers' safety and environmental requirements.

Company Profile

During the nine decades since its establishment, Fuji Electric has developed technologies and built up extensive experience. This gives us expertise when innovating electric and thermal energy technologies for the manufacture of products that are eco-friendly because of their extremely efficient use of energy.
Building on the technology and experience, we reorganized our operations into five business segments: Power and Social Infrastructure, Industrial Infrastructure, Power Electronics, Electronic Devices, and Food and Beverage Distribution.
The groups are globally expanding their energy-related business, contributing to a safer, more secure, sustainable world. We will continue strengthening our expertise in industrial infrastructure (one of our specialty fields), and in power electronics and power semiconductors (key components), while demonstrating our strengths in all of our chosen fields, maximizing synergies faster than ever before.


Major Records(~2011)

Project or Type of Rolling Stock Equipment Number of Delivered unit
Shinkansen 700 Series Converter‐Inverter 199
Transformer 61
Traction Motor 478
Shinkansen N700 Series Converter‐Inverter 137
Transformer 56
Traction Motor 457
Singapore C151A EMU VVVF Inverter 89
Traction Motor 353
E231 Series EMU Auxiliary Power Supply 181
Linear Door System 14128
ChongQing (CH)Monorai Auxiliary Power Supply 133
New South Wales(AU) EMU Auxiliary Power Supply 178
New York City Transit(USA) Linear Door System 5280

Refer to: technical features for Shinkansen(PDF:536KB)
Refer to: technical features for EMU(PDF:518KB)
Refer to: technical features for Linesr Door System(PDF:554KB)


Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

Sales DeptmentⅡ Industrial Infrastructure Sales DivisionⅡ Sales Group
Gate City Ohsaki, Easty Tower 11-2, Osaki 1-chome, Shinagawa-ku,Tokyo 141-0032, Japan
Tel:03-5435-7046(when dialing from outside Japan:+81-3-5435-7046)
General Manager Koki Ichikawa


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