Tatsuya Tajima,
Representative Director and Company President

Our company is active in two sectors: the manufacture and refurbishment of railway rolling stock, especially streetcars, and the repair and maintenance of rolling stock owned by the Hankyu Corporation Group and other companies. We enjoy the top share in Japan for streetcars delivered. We developed and now manufacture the first super-low floor light rail vehicles (LRV) produced in Japan, and are delivering them to different parts of the country. We will continue to contribute to the betterment of socioeconomic conditions through our manufacture of people-friendly, eco-friendly railcars.

Company Profile

Our company's roots go back to the establishment of Naniwa Koki in 1947. (Naniwa Koki changed its name to Alna Koki in 1970.) We have already manufactured more than 5,000 railcars (including about 700 streetcars) for our parent company, Hankyu Corporation, and refurbished more than 1,400 railcars (including about 300 streetcars) for it. We are currently reducing the size of our company to concentrate on the manufacture and rehabilitation of rolling stock. Our manufacture of new rolling stock focuses on streetcars (LRVs) and small railcars. One of our strengths lies in our ability to satisfy demand for small-lot orders, thanks to the many years of expertise we have built up. We enjoy the trust of rail transport operators throughout Japan.


Super-low floor LRV: The Little Dancer series

Super-low floor LRV: The Little Dancer series Applying our existing technologies that have a proven track record, we manufacture 100% super-low floor LRVs that do not require special upgraded facilities or new maintenance techniques.

Development Project Achievements

  Low floor
configuration ratio
Length x Width
Number of vehicles
Little Dancer Type X 100 1435 2.45×14 2
Little Dancer Type Ua 100 1435
Little Dancer Type U 100 1435 2.3×15.1 3
Little Dancer Type C2 100 1372 2.34×13.25 3
Little Dancer Type A5 100 1435 2.45×18 4
Little Dancer Type A3 100 1435 2.45×14 9
Little Dancer Type S 70 1067 2.23×12 10
Little Dancer Type L 70 1067 2.23×17.5 1



1-2 Hankyushojaku, Settsu, Osaka 566-0013, Japan
Tel: 06-6383-1811 (when dialing from outside Japan: +81-6-6383-1811)
Fax: 06-6383-1891 (when dialing from outside Japan: +81-6-6383-1891)


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